3 Quick Ways to Deal With Migraines at Work

Getting a migraine is one of the worst things that can happen to you, especially if you experience it while you’re at work. You may or may not know what caused your migraine, and chances are you aren’t prepared for it. There’s no medication close by that you can take, or you can’t leave your desk. Either way, you know that you need the migraine to go away, otherwise you won’t be able to focus on your work. Here are three quick ways to deal with your migraines while at your desk.

1. Stay hydrated, and grab a snack

Dehydration and hunger are common triggers for migraines. Taking your water bottle over to the pantry to fill it up, or grabbing a small snack to munch on while working can do wonders to alleviating that headache of yours. This may not be enough, however, especially if the migraine you’re experiencing is already in full swing.

2. Massage your temples

Taking your fingers and rubbing them against your temples can and often does help in taking away some of the pain without the use of migraine medication. This is especially helpful if you’ve hydrated yourself and have just munched on a snack. However, even this may not be enough, because the main thing that you need to do to deal with a migraine is to...

3. Take a break

Taking a short break from work by shutting off your screens and closing your eyes can do wonders. However, this has to be done combined with keeping yourself hydrated, eating a healthy snack, and keeping your head massaged. In order to properly massage your temple while staying relaxed, you need to keep your hands free and wear an acupressure headgear, like the Acupressure Headband by Coquet Joli™. This headband has 378 plastic tips that act as pressure points for your whole head, helping it deal with the worst symptoms of your migraine. When combined with closing your eyes and keeping yourself calm for a few minutes, the Acupressure Headband can relieve much of the stress and tension you have built up in your head, and can act as that last big step towards dealing with that migraine. Once you’re done with your break, you can even keep the Acupressure Headband on, as it’ll help keep you focused on your work by treating the pain commonly associated with migraines. You’ll be working nonstop in no time!

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