4 Easy Solutions for Neck Pain

We all experience getting a stiff neck, or some other variation of neck pain. It usually goes away after a while, but sometimes it stays there and it’s just a huge bother. Getting a prescription or going to the chiropractor can take too much time and is definitely going to cost a lot of money. Luckily, there are several commonly used and easy home solutions for resolving neck pain that you can use that will definitely waste less of your time and will cost less for you in the long run.

1. Stretch

Stretching out the tense muscles on your neck can give you an immediate feeling of relief, especially if your neck muscles are currently being stressed due to work or because you’re driving. However, this isn’t always that effective. You’d have to be stretching for the whole day to be able to make even a dent on the soreness your neck muscles may feel.

2. Apply heat or ice

Whipping out the ice pack or pouring that hot water into the hot compress and placing it on your neck can, and usually does, do wonders to relieve that neck pain you’ve been experiencing. However, the ice pack or the hot compress have to stay on your neck for hours at a time, sometimes days even. It’s not portable (especially the ice pack on a hot summer day), and it definitely isn’t the quick and easy solution for that stiff neck.

3. Get a massage

It will definitely feel great to get a professional to massage you for an hour at a ridiculously overpriced rate. Getting a professional massage is expensive and would only be a short-term solution, you’ll have to schedule another massage appointment in the next week, and a lot of us just don’t have the money for that kind of treatment. You might as well make a visit to your nearest chiropractor!

4. Use a neck massager

Specifically, a neck massager like the Coquet Joli™ Neck Pulse Massager. The Neck Pulse Massager uses magnetic energy on the affected area, the neck. The Neck Pulse Massager’s magnetic acupressure massager combines eight different kinds of massage manipulation techniques from Chinese traditional medicine to soothe the knots in your muscles causing the stiffness or soreness in your neck. The Neck Pulse Massager even has pulse massage patches that can be placed on other muscles of the body that require some soothing. With the Neck Pulse Massager’s ability to be portable, cheap, and easy to use, you’ll find yourself reaching for your Neck Pulse Massager to cure your neck pain instead of visiting the chiropractor.

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