4 Ways of Quickly Relieving Joint Pain

Many of our joints constantly break down and cause us pain, usually from strain, from some knots forming in our muscles, or just regular stress. It’s difficult to manage, especially when you have to manage the pain that comes with cracking joints. Fortunately, there are some easy solutions that you can use to help you get back to work as soon as possible.

1. Take a break

Shutting off your work monitor, lying back on your chair, and simply letting your joints take a breather for a few minutes is always a good first step towards managing the pain they’ve been causing you, especially if you’ve been working yourself to the bone. Step away from your desk, keep your affected joint(s) level, and take some time for yourself to relax.

2. Stretching

Taking a short break from work to rest the affected joints and stretching the muscles out to try and take out the knots you’ve built up on those areas is always a great idea. Take a few minutes, shake those muscles off, and get back to work. However, this doesn’t always work, if at all. You’ll feel better for a few minutes, but once you get back to doing your work, the pain comes back almost as soon as it disappeared.

3. Massaging

Pressing your fingers down onto the affected joint can help cure the cause of the pain, especially if your joints are aching because of stress. Coupled with stretching the muscles and taking a break from your work, a quick massage, even an amateur one, will feel like a blessing as a sense of relief flows right through you. However, once again, as soon as you go back to work, that pain is going to come back if you don’t take long breaks.

4. Use a pain relief pen

For being able to get back to work without the pain returning, we would recommend getting a pain relief device, like the Coquet Joli™ Pain Relief Pen. The Pain Relief Pen uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) technology. The Pain Relief Pen is a cheap and easy-to-use solution for joint pain. All you have to do is place the tip of the pen on the affected area and click. With each click of the Pain Relief Pen, pulses are sent from that part of your body to your brain, halting the arrival of pain signals that have traveled from the affected area to your brain. These pain signals are then replaced by endorphins, your body’s natural painkillers. With these painkillers now making their way to your aching joints, you’ll feel the relief within seconds of clicking that Pain Relief Pen. You’ll never be distracted from work by that aching joint ever again!

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