Back Pain? Your Posture Might Be The Problem!

We understand how you feel. You’re at work for half the day, you’re probably hunched over in your seat, and when you get home your back is killing you. Why? It’s most likely because of your posture. Our modern work habits keep us bent over our desk. It’s putting too much strain on our muscles and it’s hurting our backs. We want to help, which is why here’s 3
easy things you can do to keep back pain away.

1. Chin up!

You may notice that when you or other people are walking, a lot of them are looking at the ground. This is a common cause of neck and back pain, and a sign of poor posture. If the head is not higher and in-level with the rest of the spine, it can spell trouble for you in the future. So, chin up and look straight ahead of you when you’re walking. It’ll save you from back pain, and you’ll be less likely to bump into things while walking to the bus stop.

2. Stretch

This may sound trivial, but stretching your back several times a day while you’re at work can help improve your posture tremendously. Stretching helps straighten out your spine after spending hours hunched over your desk and it serves as a reminder for you to stop sitting the way you’re sitting at your desk, unless you want your back to give out and be the cause of tremendous pain for you in the future.

3. Use a posture corrector

A posture corrector, while not a magic pill that you can take to wish away the back pain, is a great instrument for you to use to help remind you to keep your back straight, which is why we would recommend the Coquet Joli™ Posture Corrector. The Posture Corrector is a brace designed to help you straighten your back. The smooth design and adjustable straps of the Posture Corrector make wearing it underneath your clothes extra comfortable. If you’ve been experiencing back pain recently due to slouching, wearing the Posture Corrector is an easy solution. The main use of the Posture Corrector is not necessarily to get rid of the back pain, but to help you remind yourself to improve your own posture by applying pressure to your back whenever you feel like hunching over your keyboard or picking something up off the floor. You can wear it under your coat, making it easy to bring around with you, and by wearing it for an hour or two a day, you’ll automatically be adjusting your own posture without the need for the Posture Corrector in no time!

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