Busy Raising Kids? Try Meal Prepping!

We understand how busy moms are. From the time we wake up to the time we get to bed in the evening, our schedules are going to be pretty full. It’s even more full because of how much time we have to spend cooking for the family. Fortunately for all of the moms out there, there is an easy, simple solution to having to spend an extra hour of your morning having to cook: meal prep!

Meal prep or food prep is, pretty simply, preparing the food you are going to cook for the next few days, or for the next week. That’s it. It’s nothing too complicated, it’s basically just preparing the meals you’re going to eat ahead of time. While this may sound exhausting or too difficult, hold your horses because it gets easier. While yes, it may be taxing in the beginning to have to think about everything that you have to eat for the next week, as soon as you’ve laid out the plan and as soon as you’ve figured out exactly what you need to buy for the whole week, then everything else after that is going to be a walk in the park.

And it’s going to be so much healthier for your kids, too! No longer will you have to rely on leftovers, on some unhealthy canned goods in the pantry, or on ordering takeout from some fast food restaurant. Now, you will be able to spend more time in the grocery store carefully choosing which foods to buy for your kids. An assortment of healthy foods that can be refrigerated for the whole week would include several veggies for snacks and salads, fresh fruits, and an assortment of nuts.

As soon as you get home from grocery shopping on Sunday, you have to get to work immediately. You need to begin washing all of the food, chopping them up and cooking some of them if you need to, such as boiling eggs, frying vegetables, or cooking the rice. As soon as everything is prepared, all you need to do is to pack them into airtight containers, and label them accordingly so that your kids won’t get confused as to which pack they’re supposed to open for lunch and for mid-morning snacks.

Food prepping is a great cost-efficient alternative to having to buy your food on the day and having to cook it or order it. It’s going to save you that extra hour that can be better spent helping your kids out with their homework or taking an after-work nap. And not only will it give you more time for yourself and your family, but you can be sure that your kids will be eating something healthy that you prepared yourself from the home, instead of something they bought at the school cafeteria. Try food prepping now, and you won’t regret it!

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