Eye Fatigue? We’ve Got The Answer!

Try doing anything with your eyes closed for a few minutes. Or even try reaching for the knob on your shower with your eyes covered in shampoo. It’s difficult, isn’t it? We may not realize it, but we rely on our eyes for almost everything that we do. From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed in the evening, our eyes work harder than many parts of our body just to function, and because of this, they can feel an incredible amount of strain.

Consider Your Workstation

The first thing you have to consider is the long-term, and that means taking a close look at your workstation. Is your computer screen too bright? Is your chair too close to your monitors? Are you facing an inordinate amount of light either from your office lights or from direct sunlight? You may want to think about that next time your eyes feel strain. Lowering the brightness and moving a few inches further away from your computer screen might do you more wonders than you might think.

Take a Break

Taking frequent breaks might work out better for you than you may even imagine. Once your eyes feel strain, sit back and listen to a podcast or some good music while you stare at a blank wall for the next few minutes. Or, you can get up from your desk, stretch your legs, and grab a small sandwich or a cup of coffee in the break room. Taking ten to fifteen minute breaks in between intense work sessions are going to do wonders to the quality of your eyesight and the stress work has on your eyes.

Use an Eye Massager

No, seriously. That’s exactly what it sounds like. There are things out there such as eye massagers that work exactly to minimize the strain your eyes feel from overexerting themselves. For this, we would recommend the Coquet Joli™ Eye Massager. The Eye Massager is designed to help people relax their overworked eyes. It uses a relaxing vibration effect to target certain points around the eye to help relieve eye strain and even any possible puffiness in the eyes. It is able to mimic a professional massage with its 22 soft bristles, as well as its several vibration modes. The darkly tinted lenses on the front also keep the eyes from seeing too much light, while the adjustable straps help it stay in place.

Not only are you giving your eyes a break, but they’re getting a great massage out of it, too. Don’t ignore your eyes, help it relax with the Coquet Joli™ Eye Massager!

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