Foot pain? Here’s what you can do!

It is incredibly frustrating if even our own two feet give out on us. Foot pain can come from many different sources, but its symptoms are all the same: your feet ache, and you can barely walk home. So, here’s four things you should consider doing if you feel like your feet need some taking care of.

1. Rest

Lying back and putting your feet up is definitely the first thing you should do when you feel your feet wearing you down, especially if the reason you’re feeling the pain is because you’ve been walking around for a while. Grab a pillow and elevate your feet. It should help your feet feel better for the meantime.

2. Massage your feet

If resting your feet and keeping them elevated isn’t working, then perhaps massaging them might do the trick. Resting your feet and applying pressure on the underside by massaging where the pain is is your best bet to solving your foot problems. However, if that still doesn’t work, then you’re left with either trying out something else or taking that expensive trip down to visit a doctor.

3. Visit a podiatrist

A trip to the podiatrist, or a doctor specializing in problems involving your feet, is the definitive answer to any of your problems. One check-up with the doctor and you’ll be out and about with a prescription that will get rid of your problems in no time. However, the consultation alone is going to cost you a pretty penny, and their diagnosis is almost definitely going to involve you buying prescription medicines that you may not be able to afford. So how trying an easier, cheaper solution before heading off to the doctor?

4. Use a foot mat

This more accessible solution for you may involve buying a cheap foot mat. A foot mat, much like the Coquet Joli™ Foot Relief Mat, is a device that you step on with your bare feet to help solve your foot pain. The Foot Relief Mat stimulates, stretches, and relaxes key muscles and tendons at the bottom of your feet, arch, pad, and toes. The 2,800 bristles on the Foot Relief Mat targets the many pressure points on your feet to help revitalize the circulation of blood, which totally gets rid of all of the pain your feet are feeling. So, once you get home, take out the mat and step on them while you’re eating your dinner. You’ll be up and running again in no time!

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