Hair Loss? Why Not Try These Remedies!

Hair loss is a fact of life for millions upon millions of people worldwide. There are many possible causes for hair loss ranging from genetic conditions, lack of proper nutrition, to experiencing an extreme amount of stress, or it could simply just be a fact of aging. Whatever the cause for your hair loss may be, it’s disturbingly resistant to many forms of treatment. It’s accepted as simply a fact of life that hair loss affects us, and something we just have to live with. Don’t lose hope, however, as there are still things that you can do to stimulate hair regrowth. Here are several possible solutions to your hair loss.

Hair Transplant

This is a definitive solution to your hair loss. Checking in with your dermatologist, you can get the straightforward answer: you can get a hair transplant. How this surgical procedure works is it takes hair from other parts of your own body, and plants it onto the parts of your head that are experiencing the worst hair loss. It’s surgical, yes, but it is very safe, and it is very effective. However, how much is it going to cost? You are going to be spending a tremendous amount of money on this. Will it still be worth it? Are several thousand dollars worth it for you?


There are several prescription and nonprescription drugs available in the market today that cater to dealing with hair loss, specifically there’s finasteride and minoxidil, which are both FDA approved drugs that treat male pattern hair loss. Their studies have shown a decrease in hair loss, and even a lot of stimulated hair growth. However, the problem here is that the drugs are only effective so long as you take them indefinitely.

Home Treatment

There are several known home treatment options for hair loss that have differing amounts of success. Using shampoo, conditioner, and even aloe vera gel, for example, can tremendously help repair damaged hair, and further helps decrease the natural amount of hair you may lose as well as possibly aiding in the regrowth of hair. Alternatively, you could also use different kinds of instruments to help stimulate hair growth, such as a vibrating comb. A vibrating comb works as a stimulant for the scalp. All you have to do is spend a few minutes combing your own hair, focusing on the parts of your scalp that are experiencing a higher amount of hair loss than usual. By vibrating on the scalp, the vibrating comb stimulates the blood circulation in your head, and helping to remove toxins and micropollutants that may be present on the scalp. With increased blood circulation, hair growth is stimulated in the affected areas.

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