Have You Tried Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon, is a mixture derived from charcoal used on the body to elicit some kind of chemical reaction. It’s known as being “active” because the charcoal mixture is created to react to some kind of element. It can be used as a form of medication by ingesting it, or it can also be used for the skin. Here are several benefits to using charcoal.

It’s Great For Your Health

One of the first well-documented uses of activated charcoal is its use as medicine. In fact, it has been known to greatly help one’s digestive system. Ingesting a small amount of activated charcoal can help one’s indigestion, and it can even help clean out and detoxify the digestive system.


Speaking of helping detoxify the digestive system, ingesting some activated charcoal will not only help detoxify your digestive system, but it can also help detoxify literally your entire body. Activated charcoal can be absorbed into your bloodstream, helping it absorb any unwanted toxins and chemicals lurking anywhere in your body and flushing it out. It can even help your body deal with viral, fungal, or bacterial infections!

Good For Your Skin

No joke, activated charcoal powder in the right mixture can help your skin look better, and more fresh. The right mixture, used as facial wash, can help your face deal with acne. If turned into an activated charcoal mask, its coarseness can help brighten and exfoliate your skin by scrubbing out any dirt and dead cells stuck onto your face, and it can even help balance the secretion of oils in your face, giving you less oily skin!

What are you waiting for? It seems like we’ve already proven that activated charcoal is super great for you. Get some today!

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