Have You Tried Healing Stones?

Healing stones are special gems, rocks, or crystals that have been attributed as having a positive effect on one’s personal health. Be it soothing your migraine, attempting to relieve your stressed out muscles, or helping your pain disappear, trying out healing stones for the first time is definitely a worthwhile experience. For a beginner, there are several different healing stones that you can use to start you off on your journey to better health through crystals. To help you out, here are three healing stones that we would like to recommend, along with their associated attributes:


The amethyst stone is a beautiful crystal known for its spiritual properties as much as for its healing. Placing one in the right area in your room will help you relax, and it will aid in absorbing all the stress you’ve built up in yourself for the day. While it’s no substitute for a proper therapist, having an amethyst healing stone in your room can help give you that extra amount of strength that you need to power through any mental anguish you may be dealing with.


The jade stone is a powerful crystal that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine. It has thousands of years of history behind its use, and the health benefits attributed to it are well documented. Its spiritual characteristics include supporting a person’s happiness, their harmony with their family, and peace within their relationships with co-workers and friends. For its physical healing properties, it has been known to aid a person with problems concerning their digestion, their kidneys, and their liver, with the jade stone known to aid in the process of removing toxins and any imbalance a person may have in those organs.

Rose Quartz

Like the jade stone, the rose quartz stone has thousands upon thousands of years of history behind it, with the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans alike all believing that this crystal had spiritual properties behind it that helped it, claiming that it aids in matters of the heart, and in a person’s romantic relationships. For its physical healing capabilities, the rose quartz stone has been known to aid the body’s circulatory system specifically, meaning that it can help a person’s blood pump through their body. If somebody is suffering from knotted muscles or tension in those muscles, rubbing a rose quartz on the affected area for a few minutes will help the blood flow and will help those muscles get untied and relaxed.

Speaking of healing stones, we have two great products that you should seriously consider!

Firstly, the Coquet Joli™ Chakra Stone Set! These seven Chakra stones are believed to possess energetic healing properties that can help establish balance in the spirit by dissolving blockages in the body’s energy flow. These stones give a variety of positive effects, such as how the Root Chakra Stone can help you feel safe and stable when it’s placed in a room, or how the Throat Chakra Stone can help you better communicate your thoughts and listen to others.

Our second great product that you should try out is the Coquet Joli™ Rose Quartz Face Roller! Made from a rose quartz stone, the Rose Quartz Face Roller is a tool that can bring out the true beauty in you with every roll. This amazing facial roller can help stimulate and rejuvenate the skin, effectively making the skin look more youthful. It also aids in supporting and draining the lymphatic system, the body’s main major detoxification system.

Whichever healing stone you use, please remember to do your own research on the matter. Certain stones have specialized benefits, while some stones, such as the rose quartz, have a wide range of possible positive effects on the body.

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