How About Some Home Remedies For Arthritis?

Arthritis is a general term used to describe a condition wherein the joints are constantly inflamed. It’s usually accompanied by joint pain as well as the feeling of stiffness in the affected areas. It’s usually known to be a degenerative condition, meaning that it comes because of age or some other debilitating disease, and it probably won’t disappear. While it may not disappear completely, managing the symptoms (primarily, the pain), shouldn’t be a problem that will end up draining your bank account down the line. So, here are a few things you can do to help manage the joint pain you are feeling.

Hot/Cold Compress

Bathing your joints in heat or in cold will do wonders to how much pain you feel in those areas, as well as being able to loosen those stiff joints of yours. Filling that compress with hot water or some pretty chilly ice will help you out tremendously. You’ll be back to using your joints freely in no time.


Regularly keeping your joints in motion makes it less susceptible to weakening. But, with arthritis, heavy and extreme exercise is going to deteriorate your bones even further. So, low-impact exercises are the way to go for you. Doing yoga or some pilates exercises will be great for you, or perhaps even doing a few laps on the swimming pool. You will be able to properly exercise your joints enough without wearing them down due to stress.


Keeping your pain at bay is possible with the right combination of meditation and relaxation techniques. Scientific studies on the matter have found that meditation has been extremely helpful for dealing with pain, especially pain related to the joints, and a lot of it has to do with reducing the amount of stress our minds and our bodies are feeling. Reduced stress leads to reduced inflammation and swelling, which then leads to a reduced amount of pain. So, light some aromatic candles, turn down the lights, and play some guided meditation over your speakers.

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