How To Prevent Allergies

Allergies affect almost all of us, if not all. And we’ve all recognized it as something we just have to go through and deal with all the time. It’s a kind of suffering that we know we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies. The most common of these allergies are the seasonal kind, and fur allergies (such as allergies to dog or cat hair). Luckily, there are some pretty simple ways to prevent getting allergies.

Stay Indoors

Those pesky allergens are going to be everywhere during allergy season. Your best course of action is to limit your exposure to them as much as you possibly can, especially early in the morning, before around 10 AM. And if you’re going to be staying indoors, be sure to keep the windows and the doors leading outside closed until after noon.

Wear The Right Clothes

If you do have to go outside at the time those pesky pollen allergens are going to be circling in the air, then you need to keep yourself protected. Wear pants, closed shoes, long-sleeved clothes, a hat and a mask. Be sure your skin makes as little contact with the atmosphere as possible, and when you’re back indoors, it is imperative that you keep get yourself washed as soon as you can. Take a shower immediately, or at the very least wash your hands and your face. If you can’t do either, then bring a lint roller to remove anything in your clothes you may have inadvertently brought indoors.


Most important of all, you have to keep your immune system in tip-top shape. If you need to take medication for your allergic reactions, please do so immediately and without hesitation. Boost yourself up with Vitamin C, as well as other immunoboosters such as probiotics and fish oil. Don’t even rule out taking allergy drops. Maintaining a healthy diet is key to keeping your immune system at peak performance, so be sure to eat a healthy and, as much as possible, yeast-free diet.

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