Looking For An Alternative Treatment For Neck Pain?

Neck pain comes in all shapes and sizes, and all of the tried and tested ways to relieve yourself of it are getting pretty old. Why not try new, ingenious, more effective ways of treating that pain? Here are three gadgets that Coquet Joli™ can provide that you can use!

Neck Pulse Massager

The Neck Pulse Massager uses magnetic energy on the affected area, specifically the neck. The Neck Pulse Massager’s magnetic acupressure massager combines eight different kinds of massage manipulation techniques taken straight from Chinese traditional medicine to soothe the knots in your muscles that are causing the stiffness and soreness in your neck. The Neck Pulse Massager even has pulse massage patches that can be placed on other muscles of the body that may also require soothing. With the Neck Pulse Massager’s ability to be portable, cheap, and easy to use, you’ll find yourself reaching for your Neck Pulse Massager to cure your neck pain while you’re driving your car, while lying down in bed, and even while you’re busy at work.

Neck Relief Pillow

The Neck Relief Pillow is a pillow that can relieve you of the main source of your pain: the tension in your neck muscles. This gets to the very root of your problem. The Neck Relief Pillow gently stretches, relaxes, and rejuvenates the neck and shoulders by gently pulling the head away from the shoulders. This reinvigorates your neck muscles, which are causing you all sorts of pain, by stretching them out and removing any knots and tension you may have kept stored in there. It is a safe, simple, and effective tool that you can use to soothe away neck and shoulder pain. You’re never going to worry about waking up with neck pain ever again!

Neck Relief Swing

The Neck Relief Swing is a device that comforts and relaxes your neck in the way that your bed or pillows just aren’t able to do. The Neck Relief Swing is a floating pillow, neck relaxer, and tension reliever all in one. By laying your head down onto the swing for just fifteen minutes, the pain you’ve been feeling in your neck will be reduced to a minimum. The Neck Relief Swing helps the muscles relax, aids in rejuvenating blood circulation around the neck, and alleviates pressure on your pinched nerves. It’s the perfect device you would need to lie back down and get rid of your tension headaches. Just hook up the swing to a railing, a doorknob, or any solid object you can hang the Neck Relief Swing from, and your headache will be virtually gone within a few minutes!

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