Need an Alternative to Coffee?

Maybe coffee isn’t your thing, maybe the jolt that coffee gives is way too strong for you, maybe buying one cup of coffee every day is just a bit too expensive for you, or maybe you’re addicted to caffeine and want it to end. Either way, you need a boost to your energy, but you don’t want to drink coffee. That’s alright. You’re in need of an alternative, and we might just have one for you.


Yes, water. No, we’re not joking. Water is literally that one drink that every single living being in the world needs in order to live, so why not try drinking some water in order to stay awake? It is unironically the healthiest drink you can take, and having a healthy glass of water fills your stomach will definitely give you more energy, especially if you’re beginning to feel even slightly dehydrated, which is a main cause of feelings of drowsiness and lack of energy.

Orange Juice

If normal old water isn’t enough for you, then how about orange juice? It’s been studied that drinking a glass of orange juice in the morning - along with a healthy breakfast, of course - can help give your brain a big energy boost for the rest of the day, making you more alert and more able to critically understand everything in front of you for the next few hours. So, if water’s not strong enough and you need something with a little more kick but without the caffeine, then orange juice can definitely serve your needs.


Probably not surprising for you to hear that certain kinds of tea out there in the market today can act very well as an energy booster, and that this will be a whole lot stronger than orange juice or plain old water. Feel free to chuck out your coffee maker once you get yourself a pack of stronger, healthier tea bags. Whether it be kombucha tea, ginger tea, or good old chai tea, whatever you choose will definitely give you that long-awaited kick you needed to keep going at peak efficiency throughout the day. And not only will it help keep your energy levels up, it’s going to help your health in the long run as well, as many different kinds of tea have great positive side-effects for your body.

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