Tense, Aching Muscles? These Solutions Might Help!

Whether it’s from overexertion, a previous injury, or just plain lack of use from staying seated throughout the day, we’re all prone to building up tension in our muscles. It’s a hassle to deal with, especially if we experience it while we’re at work. The pain and the lack of proper use of those parts of our bodies due to the knots in the muscles can hamper our focus. Luckily, if you’re at work, there are several easy solutions that you can try to get rid of that pain and help you get back to work.

1. Rest

The simplest answer to getting rid of all of that tension in your muscles is just to take a break. Lean back on your office chair, rest your stiff muscles, and just wait the pain out. This is the simplest and, arguably, the best solution for those who don’t want to make too much of an effort. However, this isn’t always the most effective solution, as it only stops your tense muscles from getting worse.

2. Stretch

After taking a break and letting your muscles rest for a moment, if the pain and the sore feeling in your muscles is still there, then perhaps letting your body breathe by stretching it out is what you need to do next. Walking around the office, applying some pressure on your arms to stretch them out, or rotating your neck can help flex out the tightness in your muscles and treat the pain that’s making you lose your focus. However, stretching out your muscles will only work if it’s followed through.

3. Get a massage

While taking a break and stretching out the stiffness in your body is a great first step, the last thing you need to fully get rid of your aching muscles is to get a massage. However, getting a proper massage from a therapist is going to be too expensive, and merely using your hands or the hands of a partner definitely won’t offer the relief your tense muscles desperately need, So, for this massage, we would recommend getting the Deep Tissue Massager by Coquet Joli™. It’s a cheap, portable, and easy-to-use solution that you can use while you’re at your desk. This device helps unknot those tense muscles not by lightly caressing the skin the way you would with your own hands, but by powerfully pounding on the problems caused by your stiff muscles. The Deep Tissue Massager’s unique design makes it easy to massage the aching parts of your body with its adjustable golf ball-looking massage balls, detachable handles, and strings. After rolling and pressing the Deep Tissue Massager’s massage balls over the affected areas, you’ll immediately start to feel the tension in your muscles disappearing, almost as though it was never there. Grab a Deep Tissue Massager today, and make those tense muscles a thing of the past

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