Tension Headaches From Work? We May Be Able To Help!

You spend all day at work, and after that hard day’s work you come home to a terrible tension headache. It came unexpectedly, and it’s painful as heck. Maybe you got stressed or maybe you missed a meal. Either way, your head is throbbing and it’s stressing you out even more because you would rather just lie back on your couch and watch a nice movie instead of rushing off to the store to buy more aspirin. So, here’s three things that you can possibly do to get rid of that annoying tension headache and make your nights a little more peaceful.

1. Pain medication

As stated earlier, it really wouldn’t hurt for you to just drop by your local pharmacy to get a bottle of aspirin or ibuprofen. It’s cheap and it does work to take away most, if not all, of the pain from your tension headache or migraine. However, when you’ve been taking those pain pills for a while, your body’s going to develop a resistance for it. What will you do then when popping a pill just isn’t enough to cut through the symptoms of your headache?

2. Do nothing

Most tension headaches only last from a few minutes to a few hours, so lying back on your bed, doing nothing, and getting a good night’s rest sounds like a pretty ideal solution for getting rid of that headache. But, most tension headaches do always recur. What are you going to do then? Will you simply do nothing again and again as the headaches recur? It doesn’t sound as feasible as a long-term solution for your tension headaches.

3. Rest

Hear us out. We don’t just mean lying down and doing nothing for the night. We mean getting proper rest with a device that makes sure your head is comforted in the way your bed or pillows just aren’t able to do. For this, we would recommend the Neck Relief Swing by Coquet Joli™. The Neck Relief Swing is a floating pillow, neck relaxer, and tension reliever all in one. In just 15 minutes of use, the pain is reduced to a minimum that others use it for meditation. The Neck Relief Swing helps the muscles relax, helps with the blood circulation, and alleviates pressure on pinched nerves. It’s the perfect device you would need to lie back down and get rid of your tension headaches. Just hook up the swing to a railing, a doorknob, or any solid object you can hang the Neck Relief Swing from, and your headache will be gone in a few minutes!

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