This Innovative Method Can Help Your Mood and Your Skin!

Light therapy, or phototherapy, is a method of dealing with mood and sleep-related conditions, such as seasonal affective disorder, some types of depression, and disorders related to sleep like circadian rhythm sleep disorder. By exposing a person to daylight or other specific kinds of light for a prescribed amount of time, chemicals in the brain are affected by the presence of bright light to deal with mood and sleep disorders.

The great thing about light therapy is that there are little to no known side effects, and none of them are major. All you have to do is be exposed to a large amount of light, or to a large amount of a specific kind of light. It has been well documented to positively treat seasonal affective disorder, as well as several disorders related to improper sleep.

However, there’s more to it than just sleep. Science is waking up to the positive effects light therapy can have on skincare. Celebrities on social media have already come out in support of many light therapy products that have worked positively on the health of their skin.

Light-emitting diode therapy, or LED therapy, has been seen in many tests to work positively on skincare. The constant exposure of the skin to LED lights is proven to fight bacteria that causes acne and reduces wrinkles, among other great effects. By simply exposing yourself to a certain amount of LED light for a given amount of time, you’re going to be well on your way to experiencing smoother, healthier, and younger-looking skin. You don’t have to ingest any chemicals or lather any kind of gel onto your face, you simply have to expose yourself to light, natural or artificial. It’ll boost your mood and give you better skin, plus it has barely any side-effects. It’s a great deal!

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