Trouble Falling Asleep? These Five Tips Might Help!

1. Keep the lights off

Our body reacts to the appearance (or lack) of light in the area. Many people who go camping and experience a night with little to no artificial lighting sleep almost as soon as the sun sets, because our systems are hardwired to shut down when we can barely see past a few feet in front of us. So turn off the lights, and shut down your electronic devices - or keep your phone at a low brightness setting, if you really need it!

2. Listen to soothing music

This is very helpful if you have a chronic sleep disorder. Even if you just can’t sleep, listening to some relaxing music in the background can work wonders, and you’ll barely even notice that you’re already falling fast asleep. So, crank out that classical music or look up some meditation sounds from the internet, and you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

3. Sleep at a proper schedule

This is the most important thing for you to do if you suffer from insomnia. While it may be tempting to stay up late into the night, especially on holidays or weekends, it isn’t ideal. Training your body to shut down and to power up at the same time each day disciplines your body and wards off the possibility of not being able to sleep due to your insomnia. Set an alarm for yourself to sleep at a certain time, and be sure to follow it.

4. Stay away from that late night snack!

While it may be tempting to eat that chocolate bar hours after you’ve eaten dinner, it may not be advisable if you’re looking to get a good night’s sleep early. Having that snack before going to bed powers up your digestive system, keeping you awake and depriving you of that much-needed sleep. Hold off on desserts, and you should be able to sleep at your regular hour.

5. Get comfortable!

For this, we would recommend lying down on an acupressure mat, like the Acupressure Massage Mat by Coquet Joli™. While lying down on a bed of pointy things may seem suspicious, the Acupressure Massage Mat’s 6,210 plastic acupressure points actually help to release any tension and knots you may have kept on your back due to a hard day’s work. You’ll be able to feel all the stress you’ve been keeping on your body wither away almost as soon as you lie down on the mat. The thousands of acupressure points help improve your body’s circulation, making you feel more relaxed than you’ve ever felt. You’ll never have to worry about how to fall asleep or learning any other natural way to help you sleep once you’ve gotten yourself an Acupressure Massage Mat. You’ll be dreaming within minutes of lying down!

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