Trouble Putting on Socks in the Morning? We Can Help You Out!

As we get older, we experience problems pertaining to our mobility. It’s very normal for us to not be as fast as we used to be, or to not be able to bend down as low as we used to. It’s just our age telling us our bodies aren’t as well-equipped to handle certain tasks. If you’re like this, then you have no doubt experienced something like this, and have stopped yourself from participating in tasks that would, for example, throw out your back. That’s why you need help with even the simplest things - like putting on socks in the morning. That’s where we come in, because we’ve got something that can help you keep your back secure and make sure your feet are comfy enough for those cold mornings.

Introducing the Easy Slip-on Sock by Coquet Joli™. This affordable and easy-to-use device will make dressing up a much better experience, especially for the aging, the pregnant, and those suffering with limited mobility issues. Putting on and taking off any kind of socks, whether it be dress, casual, athletic, or even compression socks, will be so much easier for you. Simply load up the sock onto the device, drop the slider to the floor, and slide your foot right into it. It’s that easy to use, and the Easy Slip-on Sock can even help you out with putting on your shoes because it doubles as a shoe horn!

If you use the Easy Slip-on Sock in the morning, you’ll never have to worry about throwing out your back putting on your socks (and shoes) ever again!

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