We Can Help Relieve Your Foot Pain!

Foot pain can happen to anyone, especially for the elderly. Whether it’s a sudden, sharp pain you experience while walking, pain from being on your feet all day, or pain from a previous injury, it’s still going to feel excruciating and difficult to manage. That’s why we’re here to help. Here are several things that you can do to help alleviate your foot pain.

1. Rest

You can try simply getting a good night’s rest. It’s always a good idea to get some rest after a hard day’s work. Just plant your feet up on the coffee table and watch some TV while you let your feet relax and let the pain fade away. But if the pain doesn’t disappear, what then? You can try sleeping on it and hoping that the pain subsides when you wake up, but chances are that even if the pain does go away, it’s still going to come back and you’re left trying to figure out a better solution to dealing with foot pain than just resting on it.

2. Check in with your doctor

A visit to your local podiatrist is definitely going to do wonders. However, it’s going to exert a lot of your time, energy, and money in order to get there. And once you do get there, your doctor will simply write it off as a problem with your age or your lifestyle, and write you a prescription for painkillers. You’re going to be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars just because of foot pain. Nobody wants that!

3. Get a foot massage

A regular massage with a massage therapist is going to be too costly. So, we would recommend getting the Pulsating Relief Slippers by Coquet Joli™. The Pulsating Relief Slippers uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to actively send pulses from your feet to your brain, blocking your brain’s pain receptors from receiving pain signals from your feet. Your feet will still be in pain, but you won’t feel it. Not only does it block the pain reception, but it also sends out electrical pain-relieving pulses for your brain to feast on. The Pulsating Relief Slippers is a portable device that is specifically designed to relieve pain without any of the hassle of doing it. Not only do they relieve pain, but when used properly they also help stimulate your feet’s acupressure points, and helps in improving your blood circulation from your feet. If your problems with foot pain are muscular, then using the Pulsating Relief Slippers will help in getting rid of that tension in your feet. You’ll be running marathons in no time!

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