What Happens When You Have Poor Posture

“Posture” is how you position your spine in alignment with the ground. Good posture requires that you keep your spine as straight as you can whenever you’re standing, sitting, or walking around, so that you can keep your back as healthy and pain-free as possible. Bad posture, however, can lead to multiple complications for your health. Good posture is important. Here are several consequences of maintaining poor posture.


The most obvious consequence to poor posture is an increased amount of pain. Back pain is a common occurrence when your poor posture goes unresolved. Your back is going to feel sore at first, which we will probably find normal and will simply shrug off as something that will pass in time. However, if the soreness keeps happening and your posture remains uncorrected, it’s only going to get worse.

Fatigue and Increased Stress

As a result of the greater amount of physical stress exerted onto your body by your poor posture, your actual mental stress is going to increase. Adding on to the soreness and pain that you will more than likely feel because of your poor posture is the inordinate amount of stress - both physical and mental - that you are going to be experiencing. This stress can even spiral into other different conditions, many among them fatigue. Your poor posture is going to affect the amount and quality of sleep that you will be getting, which will inevitably lead to feelings of fatigue. And this is all because you couldn’t sit up straight while sitting at your own desk.

Bad Mood

As a consequence of poor posture, your mood is going to get progressively poorer as well. Studies have reported that individuals who exhibited poor posture by slumping or slouching exhibit more negative emotions. They are more fearful, more likely to be angry, and their lack of self-esteem can get worse. All of this has been compared to the moods of people who have proper posture, and the disparity between their emotional states was shocking. The amount of stress people perceive themselves to be in also increases due to poor posture. So, if you don’t want to ruin your own day, be sure to correct your posture.

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