Why Acupressure Is Good For You

Acupressure is the concept of applying pressure to certain areas of the body, known to science as pressure points, for therapeutic effects such as the relieving of tension or pain one may be feeling in whichever part of the body the acupressure is applied on.

This technique is similar to the traditional Chinese and Japanese arts of acupuncture and shiatsu, respectively. Applied in the right places, acupressure can give you a tremendous amount of pain relief. It’s no different from a massage therapist using their hands to apply an amount of pressure to your back, legs, or feet.

The only thing that differentiates acupressure is that instead of hands, what we’re proposing is for pressure to be applied on you by lying down on a bed made up of 6,210 plastic bristles in the form of the Acupressure Massage Mat by Coquet Joli™.

The Acupressure Massage Mat’s 6,210 plastic acupressure points help to release any tension and knots you may have kept on your back due to a hard day’s work. You’ll be able to feel all the stress you’ve been keeping on your body wither away almost as soon as you lie down. When you lie down, it’s going to hurt at first. Those plastic points pressing onto your back is going to give you feelings of discomfort, but once you’ve settled into the Acupressure Massage Mat, that discomfort will turn into relief.

This feeling of discomfort is very well documented, and many customers have attested to the discomfort fading away, along with any other pain people may have had in their backs. Don’t believe us? Read this one glowing review we received from a very satisfied customer!

"I ordered the mat and neck pillow to help with my neck and back pain that I've suffered from for the past 6 years. I have bulging discs and with teaching I can't take the muscle relaxers so I needed to find a different solution. I was nervous to try the mat because I was sure it was not going to feel good but I was surprised how much my muscles relaxed while laying on it. I will often fall asleep while laying on it at night. Full disclosure: I have to lay on it with a thin shirt because I haven't built up the courage to try without. I haven't been to the chiropractor in months when I use to go twice a week!"

Convinced? Then what are you waiting for? Acupressure is definitely for you, and to help you along in your journey to a pain-free future, the Acupressure Massage Mat is the tool you need!

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