Working Mom? We Understand Your Struggles!

We as working mothers have a lot on our plate. We only have twenty-four hours in a day to do everything we need to do, and it never feels enough. We have to make sure we balance the amount of work we do for the kids, for the home, for the spouse, and for our own full-time jobs. It’s a difficult, crazy mess that we know we have to do otherwise the house might as well burst into flames. Here are some things that we know you struggle with, too.

No Time For My Career

We are going to end up taking a lot of time off work because of our kids. Family has to come first, and because of that, our performance at work is going to suffer. We won’t be able to finish that meeting because we have to pick up our kids at 4, or we need to take an extra day off because they got called into the principal’s office at school.

No Time For My Friends

Since we’re sacrificing our career for our family, it won’t be long until we also end up sacrificing our time with our friends. From work friends to friends we have known since we were little, if they suddenly ring us up and ask us if we would like to go out for a few drinks, we know the answer we have to give them: “I can’t, I have to take care of the kids.” It’s stressful and it makes us pretty sad sometimes. Hopefully, they understand that we just can’t choose them over our families.

No Time For Myself

You know the drill. You wake up way earlier than everybody else to make sure everybody’s meals are prepared, you have to make sure everything they need for school is all packed up and ready to go, and you also have to wake up the kids, make sure they eat, shower, get dressed, and everything else they need to do - and then you have to get to your 9-to-5 job. Once you get home, there’s more work to be done as well. You have to help them with their homework, you have to cook the meals, you have to do this and that. There’s no time to catch a break!

The Solution? Balance the Workload!

Assuming that you have a spouse, you need to be able to properly balance the workload between the two of you. We understand how it feels to think that the other spouse might not be working as hard as you, but you have to remember that this isn’t a competition of who’s taking care of the kids more. The two of you need to properly figure out how to balance the workload of raising the kids as evenly as possible. Maybe even figure out who gets to cook the meals every night. Who says the mom has to do all the cooking?

Whatever struggles we go through as mothers who work full-time, and no matter how tired and burnt out we may feel at the end of the day or the end of the week, the time we spend with our kids and our spouse makes it all worth it, because we all know that everything we are doing is for them, for their future, and for the happiness of the whole family.

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