You Need To Get Some Sleep!

No, seriously. It should go without saying that not getting enough sleep is detrimental not only to your physical health, but to your mental health as well. Burning the midnight oil or staying up late into the early morning hours on your computer or reading a book may make you look good to your boss or may make you feel good, but your body definitely isn’t feeling the same thing you are. Still unconvinced? Let’s help you out. Here are some of the things that happen to your body when it doesn’t get enough sleep.

Your Mind Slows Down

Yes, you read that right. The fewer hours you sleep, the more likely your brain malfunctions in ways that you don’t want. Your thinking processes are going to slow down, making you less able to solve complex problems at work or at home. Even doing simple math is going to be more difficult. This slower thought process also means you’re more likely to get into an accident. That means if you’re driving, you’re at least three times more likely to be involved in some kind of car accident, which can be fatal to you.

You Get Sick

Not only are both your body and your mind going to break down from this, but it’s also going to make you sick. A lot sicker than you would be if you would just go to bed at the right time. Your risk of getting any kind of disease goes up exponentially with less sleep, especially for heart disease and having a stroke. Not getting enough sleep is even linked with lower insulin production, thus making you vulnerable to diabetes, and worst of all, your chances of getting cancer increase as long as you continue sleeping for less than seven hours a night.

Your Body Breaks Down

Not getting enough sleep is going to slow down your metabolic processes. What that means is your weight is going to go up more the more sleep you miss. Sleeping less than 5 hours a night is going to make you more likely to gain weight, and even to become obese. On the other hand, sleeping at least 7 hours is going to make it easier for you to lose weight. Not only are you going to become overweight, but your skin is going to suffer a lot as well. You’re going to be more likely to develop fine lines and get a lot more wrinkles, and nobody wants that.

To Help You Sleep…

...we think you should try The Coquet Joli™ U-Shaped Body Pillow, and the Acupressure Massage Mat!

The Coquet Joli™ U-Shaped Body Pillow is a comfortable pillow designed to give you a lot of comfort while sleeping, regardless of your sleeping position. It can even help align your hips, neck, shoulders, and back, all while helping regulate proper circulation throughout your body while you enjoy a deep, restful sleep. You can use the U-Shaped Body Pillow for anything from propping yourself up while you watch TV to giving you something comfortable to wrap your leg around while you sleep!

The Coquet Joli™ Acupressure Massage Mat, on the other hand, is something else entirely. While lying down on a bed of pointy things may seem suspicious, the Acupressure Massage Mat’s 6,210 plastic acupressure points actually help to release any tension and knots you may have kept on your back due to a hard day’s work. You’ll be able to feel all the stress you’ve been holding in wither away, and all you have to do is lie on the mat! It’s going to be a little uncomfortable at first, but once your body settles into a comfortable position on the Acupressure Massage Mat, you’ll be sleeping like a baby! You’ll never have to worry about falling asleep because you’ll be dreaming within minutes of lying down on it!

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