You Need To Protect Your Neck!

Because of our strenuous work lives, we tend to forget about how important it is for us to keep ourselves healthy. A lot of people experience headaches, and more often than not, those headaches come because you aren’t taking care of your neck. You might be looking down too much, or your posture isn’t right, giving you neck pain or severe tension headaches. Whatever the cause, you need a solution, and we may have it!

Adjust Your Setup

If at all possible for you, then it might be a good idea for you to adjust your current computer setup. Lower your chair so that the monitor is closer to your eye-level, or perhaps tilt your computer upwards so that your neck isn’t constantly straining to see what’s on the screen. It might even be worthwhile for you to get an appointment with your eye doctor to see if your prescription is still up to date.

Move Your Neck!

Try and notice your own habits. Have you been staring at your computer screen for a long time? Can you still even feel whether or not the pain is coming from your neck? Step away from your computer for a moment. Take a break and move your neck around. Keeping it stuck too long in the same position isn’t healthy, and it will lead to neck pain and even possibly headaches.

Get Neck Support!

Your neck could use some neck support, but maybe your current condition isn’t bad enough to warrant a visit to the doctor for a neck brace? Then perhaps you need something like the Inflatable Neck Traction Support by Coquet Joli™!

With just a few pumps of air, the Inflatable Neck Traction Support grows into a device that can pull your head up and push your shoulders down to create cervical traction. Wearing this at last two to three times a day for sessions of twenty to thirty minutes, your neck pain will disappear for good! Don’t let the pain hold you back with the Inflatable Neck Traction Support by Coquet Joli™!

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