You Need To Sit Better

We spend a lot of time at work. Around a third of our day is spent there, for the majority of people. And for a lot of us, that means we’re sitting. A lot. And then, when we’re on our way home, we’re probably still sitting, either in the bus or in our own cars. And then, when we get home, we’ll still be spending a lot of our time sitting - at the dinner table, on the couch, or in our beds. Wherever we are, we spend a lot of our day sitting, and that can lead to many of us developing bad posture, which then in turn results in pain and back problems. We need to fix our posture when we’re sitting down, and we want to help you with that.

Look Straight Ahead

Practice it. Right now, while sitting on your office chair, try looking straight ahead. We can bet that you’re slouching right now, which means that looking straight ahead is going to involve you lifting your head up. You need to be constantly aware of the fact that you’re probably slouching most of the time, so pausing every now and again to lift your head up to a normal level and look straight ahead will help you reassess your current posture.

Adjust Your Set-up

To help you along, it may also be a good idea to figure out ways in which you can adjust your set-up at work so that you can be more comfortable. Is there a way for you to make sure your computer monitor is around the same level as your eyesight? Perhaps tilting it a certain way or stacking a few books under it can do the trick? Or perhaps you can adjust your chair to be just a little lower?

Get A Chair Pillow!

Preferably, a chair pillow that can and will do wonders for your body and help your posture and help you maintain that proper arch that your spine needs to have in order to avoid back problems. That’s why we would like to recommend the Coquet Joli™ SpineAlign! The SpineAlign is a back cushion that aims to help you keep the natural S-shaped curve of your spine while you’re sitting. The SpineAlign is made of a soft memory foam which absorbs pressure better than other material. It also has a breathable cover and a buckle belt at the back, which will help keep it secure on your chair even when you’re leaning heavily on it. SpineAlign can help you improve your natural sitting habits. It’s comfortable, ergonomic, and helps keep your back naturally healthy! You’ll never sit improperly again with the Coquet Joli™ SpineAlign!

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